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Enduro Academy aims to train conscious and successful riders in Motocross, Enduro, and Rally, ranging from beginners to professional racing levels. Located within Turkey’s first KTM exclusive showroom, Enduro Academy operates in a total area of 240 m2. Don’t worry if you don’t have a motorcycle; you can take advantage of our motorcycle rental service to receive training from Enduro Academy and participate in Enduro tours.

With over 20 KTM Exc series motorcycles, mostly from 2015 and 2016 models, Enduro Academy boasts the largest motor park in Turkey in this field. If you lack safe riding equipment, you can rent it from us. Whether you come from Turkey or any part of the world, we can handle your airport transfer, arrange your hotel, and provide you with a motorcycle and riding equipment. Are you ready to receive professional training on challenging tracks?

A portion of our training at Enduro Academy takes place on the most professional track in Turkey, hosting two World Enduro Championships and over 30 Turkey Enduro and Mx championships. We take you off the beaten path and organize Enduro tours in the adventurous and adrenaline-filled nature of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions with the guidance of Enduro Academy’s professional instructors. Are you ready to explore new places with our daily and weekly tour packages?


“Born on February 16, 1980 – the doctor said, ‘Children born in winter are more resilient.’ Resilient indeed. His mother could not have known that her only son would fill this word to the brim. As a child who lost his father at an early age, he extended his youth years due to financial difficulties to reach one of his biggest dreams, his motorcycle. It’s crucial for a family to support in every aspect, especially in choices. However, he did not know that his brother would support him differently in his racing career. If he knew, there wouldn’t have been so many fights at home over that first motorcycle forced upon him. Since his teenage years, he has been running on the challenging paths of professional life.


Dakar, a dream for every motorcycle racer, is now more frequently mentioned. Having raced in short rallies until then, the idea of even considering participating in the longest and most challenging race, spanning over 10,000 km and crossing three countries, was both chilling and exciting. The Dakar, a race where even the participation is highly valued, and finishing the race adds value to every moment spent in this sport, was undoubtedly an awe-inspiring thought.

Preparing for Dakar, getting accepted, and racing there bring different challenges. The necessary resume for acceptance, especially in Serkan’s case, was there, of course. Preparation – that’s where he was grateful for meeting his valuable mentor, Mustafa Kızıltaş. Mustafa Kızıltaş, an ultramarathon champion and professional mountaineer, was an extremely professional athlete who prepared him both psychologically and physically for an excessively professional race. What was missing in Serkan’s life was a coach, a trainer, a psychologist, a nutritionist – everything about sports.

Dakar, spanning 9600 km in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, with desert and continental climate transitions, minimal sleep, low nutrition, and battling mechanical and psychological problems in harsh conditions. And finally, he was looking at the Dakar medal, something money couldn’t buy, something you wouldn’t exchange for anything, shining with golden letters at the peak of your motorcycle racing career, making motor enthusiasts from the other side of the world know you. He looked again. It had happened. Serkan was now completing Dakar and returning to his country with indescribable pride…

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